Go back in time …

History buffs will also appreciate the island of Santorini for its archaeological sites.
Stroll through Ancient Thira and admire the scenery, stroll around Akrotiri or visit the museums of Fira … You will better understand the history of Santorini!
And if you feel like it, take a tour of the volcano, because it is also the history of the island.

A little bit of History

According to Greek mythology, Santorini comes from a clod of earth presented to the Argonauts by the god of the sea Trition.

The island was first called Kallisti (which means beautiful).
The Minoans then developed the island, as seen in Akrotiri.

Between 1550 and 1500 BC. AD, a volcanic eruption destroyed Santorini.
The island was covered and this disaster must have been accompanied by huge waves.
Thereafter, the island of Santorini remained uninhabited for a long time …

It was then called Strongyle (which means round) because of its circular shape.
Santorini was then inhabited – before 2000 BC – by the Phoenicians then the Dorians.
The ruins of ancient Thira have tombs and inscriptions on the Dorians.

The volcano

Do you want to know more about the Santorini volcano?
The following video shows the different volcanic eruptions that have made the history of the island …

How to get to the volcano?
Many outings allow you to visit the volcano! Find more information on the page dedicated to the volcano.

The story of Santorini and its volcano on video

The story of Akrotiri

Want to discover Akrotiri?
Visit the Akrotiri site to discover the Minoan civilization …
In the meantime, go to the page dedicated to Akrotiri.

Akrotiri on vidéo