It is said that Oia offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world … The view is indeed nice, but also very popular. So find the “best spots” before sunset time. Because here, you quickly understand that the sunset is a must, recognized worldwide. Thousands of people come to watch it and the show is cheered every night in the city of Oia!

Oia : spots to watch the sunset

The Kastro wall

You will quickly locate the spot from which most of the photos are taken.
Indeed, it is noticeable: we can see the silhouettes while walking (see photo above on the left)…
Even if the crowd is notable on the Kastro wall, it is a must: to see! This is also where the famous Oia sunset photos are taken.

Oia: other spots to watch the sunsets

Note that the view is magical from several places in the city, roughly from churches with blue roofs to windmills at the end.
Generally, you will have a little more space near the windmills and the view is also magical.
If you favor conviviality, opt for a bar or restaurant with a panoramic view, another good idea!

Some pictures

Here are some photographs of the sunset from Oia.

Santorini : places to watch the sunset

If the most famous spot is located in the city of Oia, other places allow you to admire it: Fira, Imerovigli …
Some will appreciate the surroundings of Akrotiri and the lighthouse in the south of the island for a more peaceful sunset.
Others will prefer to associate it with a wine tasting towards Santowines….
And it is also possible to enjoy it from the water, many tours (including that of the volcano) offer it!