Wine tastings

If you wish to discover Santorini, you must test the wines.
These are particularly famous on the island and you can enjoy them in bars, restaurants or during a tasting.
Here, the culture of the vine and the production of wine is omnipresent: it is an integral part of the interior landscape of the island of Santorini.

Santorini wine

The wines that are popular are dry whites and reds, the most famous of which is Vinsanto.
Both come from the Assyrtiko grape variety.
Many tastings are offered on the island of Santorini and a dozen local vineyards welcome you to try their products.
Generally, you can test Greek cuisine at the same time …

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The emblematic wines of Santorini

Here, white, red wines and Vin Santo are to be discovered. Find information about Santorini wines.

Santorini vineyards

Known for its local grape varieties, the cultivation of vines is a tradition in Santorini. The landscapes of the interior of the island remind us of this: Santorini carries with it a great wine tradition … Take advantage of your visit to discover the vineyards of Santorini.

For the view

If you favor the view of wine …
Some sites also offer an incredible view: this is the case for Santowines, Pyrgos …
The must: treat yourself to a sunset tasting… Santo Wines is then a good option.

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