The Caldera of Santorini

What is a Caldera ?

It is a giant volcanic crater that can measure several kilometers in diameter.

What is it in Santorini?

It is the bay bounded by the various volcanic islands of the Santorini archipelago.
Concretely, the Caldera of Santorini consists of a submerged caldera surrounded by cliffs.

How is it formed?

The calderas appear with the subsidence of the central part of the volcanoes, in particular because of the collapse of the magma chambers which empty during the eruptions.

To clarify, you will find this complete definition extracted from Wikipedia: “A caldera is a vast circular or elliptical depression, generally of a kilometer order, often with a flat bottom, located in the heart of certain large volcanic buildings and resulting from an eruption which empties the underlying magma chamber. “

Explanation in video

How to observe the caldera ?

First of all, and if you like hiking, you can observe it from the circuit connecting Oia and Fira! The view is breathtaking.
All the villages on this side are also a good point of view.
Finally, many boat trips (like those towards the volcano) also allow you to realize what the Santorini caldera is!

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How to get to the volcano?
Many outings allow you to visit the volcano! Find the excursions and book.