Traveling on the island of Santorini is quite easy because all the services are available for tourists to come. You can therefore, according to your desires and budgets, circulate by rental car or quad, bus, taxi …

Option 1 : Travel by bus

The buses connect the various points of the island. The main station is located in Fira and tickets are taken directly on the bus.
Buses will take you to Kamari, Perissa, Fira, Oia, Akrotiri and Red Beach…

Practical informations

Bus timetables for Santorini
The island of Santorini is served by local buses.
Find the local bus timetables on the page :

Option 2 : Rent a vehicule

Here you can easily rent a vehicle: motorcycle, quad or car!
Indeed, there are rental companies practically on every street corner.
Driving on the island is fairly simple, but we are advised to be careful.
The locals are used to it, the tourists less and the roads are relatively narrow.
Your rental company will probably provide you with a map of the island, but the GPS option is often the most practical.

Option 3 : Circulate in taxis and shuttles

You can easily find a taxi or shuttle.
The main station is located in Fira near the bus station.
It is by the bus stops that you will find most of the taxis on the island and in particular in Oià, Kamari …
Of course, various shuttles and taxis also await you at strategic points such as the airport (located not far from Kamari) and the ports.

Advice for traveling on the island

If you stay for a week, rent a car for a day when you arrive (the next day).
Take a tour of the island to discover the whole and see what you will like afterwards.
Then and during the rest of the stay, you can easily get there by bus.
Except for July and August when the buses are crowded, the bus system is pleasant and practical.