Want to discover the city of Oia, the Greek postcard?
The city of Oia is indeed a must if you want to stop in the Cyclades in Greece!
Concretely, the island of Santorini itself is a place to discover for the beauty of its landscapes, its steep cliffs crowned with pretty little white and blue villages, its volcano …
On the other hand, Oia is a little gem. Come visit it, photograph it and take the time to admire its famous sunset!
You will keep a magical memory of it…

The essential city on the island

Of course, the city is famous worldwide for its magnificent sunsets.
But you will also enjoy the walk… Indeed, the landscapes are sumptuous and the streets lead you from spot to spot…
Finally, the sunset is approaching … And you just have to choose the best place to watch it!

In practice and to give you an overview, here are some photos of Oia during the day.

The famous sunset

Oia: the spots to admire the sunset.

You will quickly locate the spot from which most of the photos are taken.
But know that the view is magical from the churches with blue roofs to the windmills!

Indeed, the city is superb adorned with blue and white, and the view is just sublime!
To summarize, here are some photos of this outing at nightfall…