The hike between Kamari and Perissa offers breathtaking views of these two cities!
If you like to climb and admire the view, you will be served!
In practice, you can also prolong the pleasure by offering you the visit of the ancient Thira, the site is splendid: you will appreciate.

Some pictures

First, I offer a little overview with some photographs of the Kamari – Perissa ride.

More info on the Kamari Perissa hike

The hike will introduce you to Mount Messavouno between Kamari and Perissa.
In addition, the promenade will amaze you.
Indeed, on both sides of the mountain, the view of these two cities, with “black” beaches, is rather impressive…

The distance Kamari – Perissa
The hike from Kamari to Perissa (without detour) stretches for about 5kms.
In practice, the elevation is important since you climb Mount Messavouno and its 365 meters. So this outing is more for climbers.

Detours and small breaks…
First, on the Kamari side, you can discover the beach and then start the hike. Then, halfway through, you will take a break near a church where a source of drinking water flows.
Then, at the top of Mount Messavouno, you will enjoy a visit to the Ancient Thira.
Finally, on the Perissa side, you will walk the beach…

You have a few options:
On the one hand, if you make the detour to Profitis Ilias, you can discover the monastery located on the highest point of the island (566 meters) …
On the other hand, and if the route is enough for you, you can enjoy a return by bus or taxi.
Finally, the bravest, will hit the road to return with their heads full of memories …