Want to photograph Santorini?

First of all, the photographers can only fall in love with the island of Santorini in the Cyclades in Greece!
It was very often one of the images that made Greece shine beyond its borders.
In short, the spots are very very numerous and you will undoubtedly find many places to photograph.
Concretely, here are some essential spots for amateur or professional photographers visiting the island of Santorini:

  • on the one hand, make the detour through the emblematic city of Oia: Three blue domes, the sunsets,
  • on the other hand, walk the streets of the capital Fira: the city of Fira (near Mama Thira Taverna), Three Bells of Fira, the white roofs, the view of the Caldera …
  • In addition, take the time to go to the small picturesque towns: Pyrgos, Imerovigli
  • Finally, transport yourself to unusual landscapes: Red Beach and the surroundings of the volcano…

Photographers, find the photo spots of Santorini

The spots are numerous and you will see them in all colors:
White and blue is omnipresent on the island: chapels, houses, flag …
The beaches display red, white or black colors.
The surroundings of the volcano and other landscapes of the island also offer astonishing contrasts.

Many photographers offer their services on the island.
During your stay, you can be photographed
or opt for a tour suitable for pixel lovers (the “good spots”).
Ask before, some periods are very popular.